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Cover Your Whole Face, and Not Just Your Mouth

As coronavirus pandemic continues, there is a growing international concern regarding the shortage in supply of critical one-time-use personal and protective equipment (PPE) – especially disposable face masks. Saliva from someone/moisture can land on our face. Hence, a face shield should replace or complement face masks as a more comfortable, more effective deterrent of COVID-19.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Benefits of EWB Face Shield:

    • Effectively protects your entire face, preventing dust from entering the eyes through flying dust and saliva!
    • Comfortable to wear and protects the face and eyes. More comprehensive protection than masks.
    • Prevents you from touching your face.
    • The transparent frame design for wide vision.
    • Made of high quality material. The mask is durable, anti-fog, waterproof, dust-proof, odourless, lightweight, super soft, highly breathable, reusable, and protective.
    • Better communication with observable facial expressions.
    • The protective mask is the perfect gift, which is more worth looking forward to than receiving other gifts!


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    Additional Information

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