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EW Swiss Sheep Lyophilisate

EW Swiss Sheep Lyophilisate (SL) softgels contain a rich blend of natural ingredients with anti-aging and skin-friendly effects. The sheep extracts is freeze dried to keep all its goodness in high quality preservation. The lyophilised sheep extracts is known for its restorative properties making it excellent to support intensive cell rejuvenation – makes for anti-aging results and also great for wound healing and recuperating from surgery. EW Swiss SL enhances the immune system with the addition of Fish Milt Cellular Extracts which has exceptional skin repair and regeneration properties. Krill Oil in the EW Swiss SL also gives a protective shield against harmful free radicals and inflammation – causing molecules. EW Swiss SL also has a boost of Vitamin C from one of nature’s highest source of the vitamin. Malpighia glabra, West Indian cherries, have nine times more Vitamin C than oranges. The vitamin coupled with the anthocyanins pigment in the cherries protect against UV-induced damages and micro-organisms to maintain a healthy immune system.
Capsules Per Box 30 capsules Brochure English | Chinese
*Also available at European Wellness Villa Medica as EWVM SWISS SL