The ultimate way to increase muscle and reduce fat

EWB Sculpt Fitness

EWB Sculpt Fitness is an advanced Electromagnetic Wave (EM) body sculptor directly targeting muscle fibers, simulating High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the added benefits of being low impact and joint-friendly. It is intended to be utilized as treatment for effective fat reduction via stimulation of muscles and initiation of lipolysis.

  • Convenient
  • Fast
  • Low-impact
  • Non-invasive
  • Painless

EWB Sculpt Fitness Technology VS Coolsculpt

EWB Sculpt Fitness employs the advanced technology of HI-EMT (High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Wave), which delivers focused electromagnetic fields into the treatment area to simultaneously tone, strengthen muscle and promote fat reduction. This action can be described as “exercising while lying down”. In only 30 minutes of treatment, the muscles contract for 30,000 times with high frequency and intensity, which is difficult to achieve in a typical exercising routine.

Following this treatment that offers 100% extreme muscle contraction, a massive supply of energy is required, causing the disintegration of neighboring fat molecules. As the concentration of fatty acids increases the body will naturally maintain homeostasis by subsequently excreting excessive fatty acids from the body’s normal metabolism within a few weeks.

Coolsculpt, on the other hand, works by initiating fat cells apoptosis with cold temperatures with a EWB SCULPT FITNESS The Ultimate Way to Increase Muscle and Reduce Fat suction-based handpiece. The cold may cause slight discomfort and numbness on the treatment area. In contrast, EWB Sculpt Fitness is equipped with patented cooling technology that prevents the occurrence of hot temperatures during its high frequency and intensity muscle contraction process, resulting in more comfortable treatment, in addition to helping provide stable continuous power output.

The treatment time for Coolsculpting is 35-60 mins per session, with a total 2-6 sessions,  one month apart to achieve better results. EWB Sculpt Fitness’s treatments take roughly 30 mins per session, with a total of 4 sessions completed 2-3 days apart, thus making EWB Sculpt Fitness the more time-saving option.

With Coolsculpting, it is normal to experience redness and numbing on the area of treatment. EWB Sculpt Fitness does not have any post-treatment redness and numbing, but some may feel muscle soreness similar to what one may experience post-workout this is quite normal as EWB Sculpt Fitness simulates intensive physical activity.

Finally, although both treatments are great for fat reduction, EWB Sculpt Fitness has an undeniable edge thanks to its muscle-building ability.

EWB Sculpt Fitness as an Effective Tool for Health Practitioners

With the prevalence of obesity worldwide, health practitioners in wellness centers will find undeniable benefits in using EWB Sculpt Fitness on their clients, men and women alike, especially as it offers the ability to sculpt, tone, and build muscle in addition to reducing fat – all while the client is lying down. Medical research confirms that completing the full course of treatment increases 16% of muscle thickness and decreases fat thickness by 19.2%.

Why is it important to increase muscle volume in our body? Muscle is an essential reservoir to maintain formation of protein in tissues and organs for our daily living. It is very important to nurture its mass and strength for a balanced whole-body protein metabolism, which encompasses essential organs such as the skin, brain, heart, and liver. Muscle mass also supports recovery from illnesses or severe trauma experienced by the body. In short, having muscle is crucial for survival.

EWB Sculpt Fitness allows health practitioners to help those who are required to lose weight via intensive exercises yet are unable to do so due to their physical conditions (e.g. elderly, disabled individuals, post-partum mothers, those with joint related issues). Of course, even healthy individuals desiring to improve their overall body composition (increased muscle mass, reduced fat) for aesthetic reasons, beauty pageant contests, or for other leisurely purposes can benefit from its application. EWB Sculpt Fitness is deemed safe and with minimal endangering side-effects.

EWB Sculpt Fitness Unique Features

  • Painless, sweat less, convenient and fast
  • Suitable for those with busy schedules/have no time for exercise
  • Low-impact treatment, joint-friendly
  • Localized treatment
  • Non-invasive, non-optical, non-thermal, non-freezing, non-ionizing, non-radiating, non-traumatic. 100% extreme muscle contraction speeds up fat cell metabolism, reducing its size
  • Reshapes muscle lines, with a reported average increase of 15% – 16% of abdominal muscle thickness after a few treatment sessions


  • Individuals with pacemakers
  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • Individuals with a weak heart/history or at risk of heart attack
  • Individuals with implants in the body
  • Individuals with cerebrovascular disease (stroke patients)
  • Individuals with brain damage/have undergone brain surgery
  • Individuals with implantable medical devices
  • Do not operate near the carotid artery