For Heavy Metal & Mineral Analysis


OG Scan is the latest spectrophotometer device developed to scan and analyze trace elements and heavy metal in bodily tissues at point of use.

Ideal for clinicians and healthcare professionals, this device provides immediate and precise patient diagnosis in toxicology and bioavailability of heavy metals in the body.

  • Heavy Metal Level & Mineral Detection
  • Review & Analysis For Therapeutic Possibilities
  • Light Weight, Portable & Precise Spectrophotometer

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OG Scan - The biological scanner and analyzer of trace elements and heavy metals in tissues.


The OG Scan operates on spectrophotometry, a light – chemical measuring system used in various industrial and scientific domains such as chemistry, biology, pharmacy, chemical and material engineering.

Based on the principal that all compound can absorb, transmit or reflect light over a specific range of wavelengths, the OG Scan measures the absorbance level or the optical density of a specified chemical or mineral substance.

A concentrated sample enables the OG Scan to absorb more light within the limits of proportionality as expressed in the Beer-Lambert law.

Data collected by the OG Scan will automatically be sent to a processing server and analyzed quantitatively to produce an objective test report, eliminating assessment variability by practitioners.

OG Scan complete result; precise and easy.

OG Scan

  • Portable Spectrometer
  • Fast Diagnoses
  • Accurate Results
  • Reveal High Content Heavy Metal Risks
  • Mineral And Heavy Metal Detection
  • Reliable Data Processing Center
  • Analysis For Therapeutic Possibilities
  • Guide To Basic Nutrition and Preventive Healthcare

Ideal tool for healthcare providers with time efficiency in mind and no compromise to quality diagnosis:

  • Doctors
  • Nutritionists
  • Physiotherapies
  • Nurses
  • Certified therapists
  • Researcher

4 simple steps to get results instantly:

Technical Features

Frequency 50/60Hz
Application performance <10 watts
Input approximately 50W
Mains connection 220V
Dimension 7x7x8 cm
Weight 300g

OG Scan Features

  • Hull resistant plastic material
  • Modern design and compact, small and portable model
  • Digital display directly on the computer
  • Easy handling and easy transport
  • Stability in measurements
  • Bands transformation from 0% to 100%
  • Programmable wavelength with automatic recognition of frequencies between 360 nm and 1000nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: greater than + 2 nanometers
  • Reproducibility of the wavelength +2 nanometers
  • Closure system of the optical channel for automatic calibration
  • Power supply by USB port