Delivering Bioactive Direct Into The Skin And Hair Follicles

EWB MicroNed Stamper

There is a way to benefit more from your skincare and hair growth products by letting the solution penetrate deeper and closer to the targeted areas with MicroNed Stamper. Use your favourite products and maximize their effectiveness. Your beauty routine just got a whole lot easier!

How MicroNed Stamper Works

The stamper has a bundle of 20 hypoallergenic 24k gold-plated micro needles suitable for professional and do-it-yourself home use with its varying needle sizes. Press for a quick 3 to 5 seconds on the target area, which is the whole procedure.

The 0.25mm and 0.50mm needles are suitable for beginners and self treatment at home. Professionals can go up to 0.75mm. With just a click of the stamper, the needles go past the outer skin layer to deliver the ingredients into the inner layer. One can use the stamper for skin rejuvenation, eyebrow treatment and hair loss treatment.

On top of increasing product electiveness by putting them closer to the target areas, MicroNed Stamper has three more benefits:

  • Generate microlesions and activate the sodium-potassium pumps, Na+, K+-ATPase, which are essential for the transportation of several solutes and nutrients across the cells.
  • Improve blood flow and nutrients to the skin and hair follicles, which is essential in supporting healthy skin and hair growth.
  • Stimulate collagen production in the skin and stem cells, contributing to higher production of progenitor cells in hair follicles to support hair growth.

Basic steps for MicroNed Stamper preparation, usage and after-use:


  1. Sterilize the stamper with 75% alcohol before use.
  2. Put the product into the 5ml or 10ml vial.
  3. Screw on the needle top to the vial.
  4. Gently shake the stamper.
  5. Apply to the target area for 3 to 5 seconds for each round.
  6. Rinse the stamper after use, then sterilize with 75% alcohol.
  7. Seal and store in a dry place.
  • Only use MicroNed Stamper on clean skin and clean, dry scalp.
  • Always sterilize the stamper before and after use. Failure to do so could lead to infection and other complications.
  • Do not share the stamper with other people to prevent the potential transfer of blood-borne diseases.

MICRONED FOR SKIN REJUVENATION (use in combination with MF+ cosmetic range)


  1. Clean the treatment area of the skin. Use facial wash and rinse with water.
  2. Put the MF+ cosmetic solution into the MicroNed Stamper vial. Shake gently.
  3. Apply the MicroNed Stamper on the treatment area at least five times. Use repetitive uniform pressure on the skin.
  4. Gently massage the skin to dry. Apply a mask or finish off with a moisturizer.
    5. Avoid direct sunlight or heavy makeup after treatment. Allow
    the skin to rest and rejuvenate overnight.
  • For best results, it is advisable to do at least three treatments spaced approximately four weeks apart.
  • Increase or decrease the frequency of treatments based on the individual’s specific skin reaction and needle length.

MICRONED FOR HAIR LOSS TREATMENT (use in combination with HFR extract)


  1. Ensure the scalp is clean and dry.
  2. Put the HFR extract into the MicroNed Stamper vial. Shake gently.
  3. Place stamper at the edge of the target area, for example, the hairline or the sides of the temple.
  4. Start applying horizontally. Then perform vertical application followed by diagonal application. Stamp for 3-5 seconds in each round.
  5. Apply enough pressure to penetrate the scalp and feel a slight
    prickling or tingling, but not enough to cause pain.

HFR + MicroNEd Stamper can be done one a week for the first month, then twice a week in the second month.

Increase or decrease the frequency of the procedure based on the individual’s specific scalp reaction and needle length used.

MICRONED FOR EYEBROW TREATMENT (use in combination with HFR extract)


  1. Follow the MICRONED FOR HAIR LOSS TREATMENT directions
  2. Use 0.25mm needle length for eyebrows

One should do the treatment once a week.

Increase or decrease the frequency of the procedure based on the individual’s specific reaction.

Potential Side Effects and Complications

MicroNed needles are super fine and hypoallergenic; however, as the procedure involves intentional wounding, there is always the risk of complications and adverse effects. The most common side effects include redness, tingling, irritation, and bruising. Redness and inflammation are quite common and should subside after five days.

Do not use post-microdermabrasion, botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, IPL, chemical peels, or cosmetic surgery until inflammation from those treatments has resolved.

Doctor’s supervision is required when using the MicroNed Stamper for:

  • Women who are pregnant.
  • Men and women with haemophilia or other conditions that inhibit healing.
  • Those on blood thinners or similar medications.
  • Individuals with a history of open wounds or currently have acne or open wounds on the skin, scalp or hairline.