Optimise Your Body’s Regenerative Abilities

EWB Bio Hormonal Modulator

Bio Hormonal Modulator is a non-invasive pain reliever and healing accelerator that uses the power of shortwave energy to stimulate blood flow and effect restorative changes on the body’s glandular performance. For home use and clinical setting, Bio Hormonal Modulator is effective in healing, and the treatment and prevention of various diseases including cancer symptoms.

  • Non-invasive pain reliever
  • Quick set up
  • For professional and non-professional users
  • Low power consumption

Taking Control of Your Hormones

In today’s age, we are at risk of various health issues brought about by a modern hectic lifestyle and chemical factors. We unknowingly ingest metals, carcinogens and other toxic materials that affect our endocrine performance and cause our body to experience hormonal imbalance and dysregulation. In turn, our healing rate and pain tolerance suffer.

Tackling these issues is Bio Hormonal Modulator, which features the innovation of shortwave energy to optimise the body’s healing and restorative power.

Bio Hormonal Modulator therapy specifically targets the diencephalon and pituitary gland, and induce the production of leukocytes for the reinforcement of the immune system in combating diseases.

By stimulating the master gland’s function, Bio Hormonal Modulator directly improves the performance of other endocrine glands in the system. It is perfect for those seeking to rebalance their hormones and physiological function, and address hormonal related disorders such as thyroid dysfunction, menstrual symptoms, depression and anxiety.

Bio Hormonal Modulator also helps to stop cortisol production and decreases serum cholesterol in cancer patients, promoting their healing process and alleviating pain.

Healthcare providers seeking to deliver an alternative to drug free pain management can opt for Bio Hormonal Modulator as it helps to increase blood circulation for healing purposes. With better circulation and balanced hormonal function, bodily pain can be easily managed.

Bio Hormonal Modulator cuts a user’s operating cost with electric energy consumption of up to 10 watts to generate a shortwave frequency of 27.12 MHz, and with easy operability, this device is a must-have for all healthcare providers.

This device is not to be used by patients with metal implants, pace makers and any other metals or foreign objects within their physical structure.

Benefits of Application Between Brain and Pituitary

  • Hormonally induced disorders such as Thyroid Dysfunction and Menstrual Symptoms
  • Alleviation of depression
  • Alleviation of anxiety
  • Treatment of insomnia
  • Prevention and easement of migraine
  • Prevention against brain cell loss and memory impairment

Technical Features

Frequency 27.12 MHz (wavelength 11 m)
Application Performance <10 watts
Skin Heat Stimulus Max. 10 watt, switchable in 3 steps
Input Approximately 100W
Mains Connection 220 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions 31 x 12 x 24 cm
Weight Approximately 5.5 kg