Good health starts from the gut.
Get a detox fix with Bio Colonix.

EWB Bio Colonix

Based on the technology of the original gastrointestinal and gynaecological therapeutic machines, the updated products are more reasonable in structure, more stable in technical performance, better in clinical effect and more widely used.

The perfect combination of an enema machine and a hydrotherapy bed makes the equipment function not only wholly but also dramatically reduces the labour intensity of medical staff and, at the same time, allows customers to experience the ease and enjoyment of treating intestinal diseases.

After the human body is magnetized, the cells in the affected part receive the biological magnetoelectric induction, which enhances vitality, improves blood circulation and metabolism, and thus restores physiological function.

The mechanical vibration and massage function generated by electromagnetism is to dredge the meridians, diminish inflammation, and detumescence, relieve pain, and treat gastritis, colitis and gastric ulcer by stimulating the meridians and acupoints of the patients.

  • Dual temperature sensing
  • Detection of Intestinal pressure
  • Intestinal induction device

Beneficial Health Effects from using Bio Colonix

  1. The total length of the intestine is about 8. 12m, and there is a fold every 3-5cm. The constant frequency of magnetic oscillation will reach resonance with the intestine wall to remove the dirt in the fold. Finally, achieve the effect of deep bowel cleaning.
  2. After the human body is magnetized, biomagnetism induces the cells, enhances vitality, increases biofilm permeability, and improves blood circulation and metabolism.
  3. The massage effect of mechanical vibration produced by electromagnetic technology is to dredge channels and collaterals, eliminate inflammation and relieve pain by stimulating the meridians and Shu Points of patients in treating gastroenteritis and female inflammatory diseases.

Bio Colonix Therapy Process

  1. Five-stage filtration and four-stage mineralization of tap water.
  2. Automatic constant temperature heating.
  3. Infuse the intestine with an adhesive hydrotherapy head.
  4. Waste dilution.
  5. Water stimulates peristalsis.
  6. Ozone sterilization waste discharged from the body.

Product Structure

Function Colon cleaning
Model Luxury type
Color Green, blue, brown
Water flow speed 0.5 – 0.6L/min.
Power AC-220V 50HZ
Input power 1800VA
Working temperature 5°C-40°C
Relative humidity 30% ~ 75%
Continuous running time 8 hours
Barometric pressure 860hPa~1060hPa
Filtered water accuracy 1um