Need to know if you are fit, or why you can’t slim down? You need a proper and accurate way to DIAGNOSE and ANALYSE your body!

Find out with EWB’s Body Composition-Fat (BC-F) Analyser! This premium device scans your body to provide two types of results: full body composition (allowing you to determine parameters like proteins, minerals, and body fat mass) and comprehensive body water analysis. These results are incredibly useful for medical purposes, but they also serve as the ultimate guidance system for those looking to lose weight or get healthier in general! EWB BC-F Analyser.

Why Do You Need EWB BC-F Analyser ?

    Start with EWB BC-F Analyser. It allows you to get an individualised starting point on which to set base goals for improvement in health and fitness.
    EWB BC-F Analyser provides comprehensive details on fat percentage and distribution, which can help tremendously in tracking fat loss progress.
    EWB BC-F Analyser provides indication of potential muscle deciency, which can be corrected with resistance exercise training aimed at increasing muscle mass.
    EWB BC-F Analyser provides accurate estimation on resting metabolic rate, which is used as an indicator to determine the calorie goal.
    Provides clear, detailed information of current body status instead of relying solely on body weight.

How Does EWB BC-F Analyser Works ?

EWB BC-F Analyser uses an advanced technology called Simultaneous Multifrequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (SMF–BIA) to send out electrical currents simultaneously through your body in order to obtain an accurate reading. These currents are completely harmless and free of radiation – leaving you only with quick and accurate results! SMF-BIA technology is comparable to the gold standard test for measuring body composition, Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA). DEXA, however, has potential drawbacks in that it is a source of small levels of radiation due to the use of x-ray beams. Ideally, you should not undergo DEXA more than 4 times per year. EWB BC-F Analyser’s SMF-BIA, in comparison, is safe and can be used multiple times in a year.

Unique Features

  1. 60 seconds application – quick and non-invasive test to determine body composition, water analysis and cell integrity.
  2. The use of multiple frequencies, which can accurately measure intracellular and extracellular water.
  3. SMF-BIA technology – safe and accurate method of obtaining body composition.
  4. 8-point tactile electrode system with thumb electrodes providing a direct and reproducible measurement.
  5. Segmental impedance measurements to include accurate lean body mass measurements of the trunk.
  6. Comprehensive body composition results – provides results for lean mass, body water analysis, segmental data, and body fat.
  7. Phase angle – analyses cell membrane integrity and functions.
  8. History feature – offers convenient history chart to track progress.
  9. Research tool – its effectiveness in providing valuable data such as body composition output, possible water retention, phase angle, reactance, and TBW/LBM makes it very beneficial.

EWB BC-F ANALYSER: Effective Tool for Nutritionist and Health Practitioners

Health and nutrition go hand in hand – being able to know exactly what your body needs to consume more or less of is crucial information that can help to improve overall health, longevity, and quality of life.! With EWB BC-F Analyser, nutritionists can identify what their clients need and increases the success rate of their health and dietary goals.

Health practitioners in general will find body water analysis and phase angle measurements particularly valuable when creating a personalised health care plan for their clients, as they indicate whether or not there is a healthy amount of body water and cell integrity.

The test is non-invasive, quick, and comprehensive – allowing practitioners to track their clients’ progress and educate them more easily about body composition, water composition, cell integrity and functions, and any health risks associated with poor body composition.